Sunday, April 30, 2017

Leggings do's & don'ts

I have women asked me all the time about if they could get away with wearing leggings. Sometimes the women are concerned about if they are too old to wear them but often the question comes down to how to wear them and looked comfy yet polished when they wear them.

While we know that leggings are very popular now!  The problem with wearing leggings is that so many women are not wearing them correctly.

Legging guidelines:
1. Select a size that fits you and your body shape (not too baggy but definitely not too tight/small)

2. Make sure that fabric is not too thin. To test this, the leggings need to be tried on and you need to bend at the knees, bend at the hips... look in the mirror! Has the fabric stretched enough that it is now somewhat translucent?  If so, don't waste your money on those leggings.

3. It is always a great idea to purchase only 1-2 pairs of a certain legging brand then see how well they wear, wash, and return to their shape.  How long do they continue to look great before they begin to look worn? Do they keep their color (not fade)?  If not, maybe an investment in another brand is your next step.

4. Leggings are NOT pants!!!  They should always be paired with a top that covers your entire bum/toosh/crotch area!  Ideally a top that comes to the top of her thighs is as short as she should go.  It is not attractive to see a snug pair of leggings on a woman and then notice that your shirt simply comes to her waist or top of her hips.  As she walks away, the outline of her underwear is clearly evident.  That is an image that is difficult to blot out of anyone's mind.

5. If something possesses you to purchase patterned leggings, be sure the size print is not overwhelming!  Large prints can often can swallow up the woman so that when she wears them, her legs are the first and often only thing you see on her.  Her clothing should NEVER overshadow her beauty!

6. Length of leggings is something I have been asked about as well.  The more flattering length is when the legging stops at the narrowest part of your leg.  This can be right below your know where your leg often curves in a bit or right above your ankles.  Be careful to not wear leggings that stop at the widest part of your calf. This will give the appearance that your legs are heavier than they really are.

I hope these few guidelines give you a bit more confidence when wearing leggings this season.  Leggings can be a darling addition to your wardrobe when worn in a flattering way!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hate Shopping? Wonder about the benefits of hiring a Personal Style Consultant?

I am constantly meeting people that tell me they hate to shop.  When I ask them why they feel that way, they often say it is because they have a difficult time finding clothing that looks good on them. That is when I suggest they work with a personal style consultant.  Working with someone who has the education and knowledge to help you discover the best clothing styles, colors, and accessories that compliment you is such a worthwhile investment.

A personal style consultant can help you identify your clothing personality which can help shorten your shopping time considerably once you know what clothing stores sell your type of clothing.  For example, if you are more of a "Pure Natural" preferring casual, loose clothing then why waste your time looking for clothes in stores that sell more trendy clothing such as H & M or White House Black Market.  You would want to focus on stores like J. Jill or Eddie Bauer.

Another benefit of working with a personal style consultant is having them help you do a closet evaluation.  The majority of people need that objective person who can look at each article of clothing in your closet and help you decide if it looks too worn, if it is ill-fitting, if it works but simply needs a little bit of tailoring to fit better, or if it simply needs to be donated or thrown away.  Once a closet evaluation is done, then the consultant can help you decide what key pieces may need to be added to your wardrobe to update it and get the most of the clothing pieces you have kept.

A consultant can then assist you in creating a "shopping" list.  You can work with the consultant to decide if you want to shop together or have the consultant purchase some items for you and then bring them to your home for you to try on and decide what you want to keep.  

Too often, women buy clothing that just sits in their closet.  A consultant will help you avoid the trap of simply purchasing something because it "fits" and it is "on sale" but maybe it really doesn't compliment you.  I hate to say it but many stores give commissions to their sales persons so the push to have you purchase an item (even if it doesn't look that great on you) is pretty high.  

Thus, working with a personal style consultant can actually save you money because you purchase pieces of clothing and accessories that compliment your body shape, size, and your dominant color characteristics.

These are just a few of the benefits of hiring a personal style consultant.  Hope it helps to answer a few questions you may have had. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cleaning Out Your Closet: Shoes!

I love adding fun & interesting accessories to my wardrobe.  One great accessory that people often forget about is the one we wear on our feet.  Shoe selection says a lot about your personality.  Too often, we are told by the fashion industry that "Everyone" needs a black heel, black flats, black boots,...  But, I would challenge you to think beyond the color black.

This fall season, as I discussed with you on my last post, there are lots of fun colors and styles to choose from such as: red shoes, blue shoes, multi-colored shoes, textured shoes, high heeled shoes, flats, and wedges.  There are fun, expressive shoes for every personality style out there.

While looking for new shoes is a fun activity, it is important to clean out the shoes in our closet that we really don't wear anymore.  A stylist friend of mine, Donna Roland, recently encouraged me and several other "Beauty Boot Camp" Attendees to seriously evaluate those items in our closets.

Here are a few questions I considered when I evaluated my current shoe inventory today.

Question #1- Have I worn them in the last 6 months?  (If not, it could be you don't really like or need them.)
Question #2- Are they still in style?  (Sometimes, I hang onto things just because they still fit.  Wrong reason.)
Question #3- Do they feel comfortable when I walk in them? (If not, DON'T keep them.)
Question#4- Do they just need a good polish or new heel tips put on?  (If so, drop them off at the shoe repair store within the week. When you postpone this task, it often becomes weeks & months before you think about it again.)
Question#5- If I was out shopping and saw the same shoe/boot, would I buy them all over again? (If not, get rid of them.)

When I completed this shoe inventory using the 5 questions listed above, I had 2 pairs of black booties, 1 pair of brown suede boots, and 7 other pair of shoes that I placed in my "donate" pile.  Now, I have more room to place the new shoes I just purchased this weekend.

I definitely need to do this "cleaning out" process at least every 6 months as the seasons change.  Hopefully, you are inspired to do the same. Put on your favorite music and get started!

**Remember, shoes that are still in good shape can be donated to "Dress For Success", your local Goodwill Industry Store, or a local mission that sells gently used clothing.

Happy Cleaning,


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall 2014 Accessory Trends-Scarves and Handbags

Once you have solid basics in your wardrobe, simply updating your accessories from season to season can help you stay current & on-trend.  Thankfully, trends often stay "in fashion" for several years at a time.  For example, the use of scarves to add color and texture to an outfit will continue this fall and winter.  When the fall fashions were revealed earlier this year, many designers used scarves instead of necklaces to accent the outfits the models wore.

A newer twist to the style of scarves this coming season is the thinner, long scarf that can be tied around the neck and allowed to drape or hang in front or across the shoulder to the back. (Both of the scarves below are from and are $16 or less. Bargain!)
Ombre oblong scarf with lurex -           black and white plaid infinity scarf -
Something new this fall & winter is the use of blanket scarves as accessories.  These can be used in place of a coat when evenings are cool or as an extra layer of warm on top of a winter coat.  What great color & texture they add to an outfit.
Border Stripe Blanket  Open Poncho
From Urban Outfitters-$39
Purses this coming season have lots of detailing such as geometric patterns, metallics, jewels, color, fur, and texture. Since most women carry a purse everyday, it is important to purchase a well-made purse.  It should be looked at as an investment.  If you are in need of a purse update consider either an amazing mix of the above mentioned detailing or a well-made bag in a color that is similar to your hair color (brown hair- brown-toned bag, black hair-black bag,...).  Here are a few amazing bags for this fall:
 Urban Expressions Urban Expressions Laguna Woven Clutch   

Have fun considering the possibility of updating a few accessories for fall 2014.  There are so many options to chose from in colors, textures, prints, and fabrics.  Be sure to watch for coupons, sales, and even great bargains at upscale clothing resale shops.  Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall 2014 Shoe Trends

As the weather changes, many of us begin to think about pushing those sandals and open toe shoes toward the back of the closet.  Bringing those warm and comfy boots closer to the front of the closet makes the most sense when night time temperatures begin to drop into the 40's and below. Friends in Colorado have already commented about the first snowfall and it is only mid-September.

Fall is a great time to reassess your shoe wardrobe and see if a few shoe updates are in order.  Since many stores have fall sales, knowing what shoes or boots you need to replace or update in your shoe wardrobe is essential. Strongly consider replacing a pair of shoes if they have become so worn looking that a fresh coat of shoe polish or a trip to the shoe repair store for new heels or soles does not significantly improve their appearance.

When assessing your current shoes consider what you wear each pair of shoes with when putting together different outfits.  Be careful not to hold onto a pair of shoes that you have nothing to wear with them because you will be incline to purchase extra clothing just to go with your shoes.  Consider this very strongly when purchasing a new pair of shoes also.

Here is a summary of the Fall 2014 Shoe Trends:

Madden Girl Zumba Printed Wedge Bootie
From DSW-Madein Girl Wedge Booty-$59.95
 Short and Tall Boots-If you are looking at heels, consider wedges as a fun possibility.  Look for fun patterns, mixed textures, buckles and straps to add interest.  This season is also showing fun backless boots and interesting cutouts. 
From Macy's-Circa by Joan & David-$129

Heels-When considering the purchase of a new pair of heels, think about fun colors (red, bright blue, yellow, metallic), interesting patterns and textures (suede, leather mix, sparkles), ankle straps, T-straps, or lace up closures.  Both the pointed toe and round toe are in this fall.
From Macy's-Isola Palazzo-$109
Flats-The continuation of fun, ornate decoration on either the toe area or all over the flat is an important aspect of this fall’s shoe accessory.
Dr. Scholls Really Polka Dot Flat
From DSW-Dr. Scholls Polka Dot Flat-$49.95

Sneakers-Many of the fall clothing trends were accompanied by creative sneakers of mixed colors and textures of not only colored canvas but also suede and a platform style heel. For the Fun Fashionista who likes to be a bit daring, there is even the legging sneaker.  Very cool!
Keds Champion Sneaker - Womens
From DSW-Keds Champion-$39.95
Well, I hope that gave you a bit of a glance of what the shoe trends are for fall.  Watch for sales & coupons!  Happy shopping!!!


Friday, August 22, 2014

The Final Color Category - "Clear"

The last Color Category I want to focus on is "Clear".  A person who falls into this category has a notable contrast between hair color and skin color.  For example, a person with dark brown or black hair and very fair, light, or slightly medium skin tone would probably fall into this category. This person would likely have eyes that are bright green, blue, hazel or even a dark brown.

A great example of a "Clear" would be Disney's Snow White character with her dark hair, very fair skin, and blue eyes.  Two other examples are seen below:


Both of these photos show the beautiful contrast in color between the hair and skin of these two women.  Because of this contrast, a "Clear" can wear black & white combinations best. Notice how gorgeous the woman on the left looks in her black jacket and white blouse.  If a "Soft" or even a "Light" wore that, the color contrast would tend to overpower her. 

The best colors for "Clears" include:  bright blues, pinks, greens, purples, and reds.  Great neutral colors are black, charcoal gray, and navy.  Amazing colors to add interest and pop to your outfit might include hot pink, bright yellow, and a clear red.  Stay away from colors that are too soft or muted.  They tend to draw the energy from your face when you wear them.

Blessings to you.  As always, let me know if you have questions or thoughts about what color category you may fall into.

Friday, September 27, 2013

How Cool are You? Color Category #5

I love it when I have the opportunity to speak to women's groups and do on the spot "Color Analysis" for those who want it done.  Inevitably, I will tell a woman that she falls into the "Cool" color category.  She usually smiles very big, turns to her friends and says "She says I am cool!".  Well, it get a big chuckle from everyone and the color analysis continues with the next woman in line.

Women who fall into the "Cool" category have hair that is described as gray, silver, or ashen brown in color.  Their skin tone may be anywhere from light to deep and their eye color can also vary from brown to blue to green or even hazel.  This particular category is primarily assigned based on the hair color.

Two great examples of this color category are Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis:

If you fall into this category, your best neutrals are navy, gray, and black. You will look fabulous in most blues but especially royal or ocean blue, a beautiful medium shade of purple, and soft pinks.  White looks better on you than an ivory color. Rose gold or silver metallic accessories stand out best.  BUT stay away from oranges, yellows, beige, and brown. They will only draw the color from your face and make you look tired.

Next week, I will cover the last color category which is "Clear".  Until then, remember that God has created you just the way He wanted.  There is no one else like you in the world!  You are special and beautiful!!!