Friday, December 2, 2011

Fantastic Fridays Begin this Month!

Welcome to a blog that is focused on Fashion, Faith, and Beauty!

Each Friday, I will address various topics related to style and beauty. 

Each month, I will post on an Illinois boutique or a "home clothing line" you may want to visit or explore as an option to update your wardrobe. I will also touch on topics such as: current style trends,  flattering clothing options for various body types, the best colors to wear based on your hair, skin, and eye coloring, how to purge your closet of unused clothes, building a stronger wardrobe, and answer questions you might have about fashion & beauty.

I will also have occasional "guest" bloggers who focus on similar topics. 

I cannot wait to get started!  If you "subscribe" you will get automatic emails when I post each week that will remind you to stop by the sight and checkout the most updated post.

Thanks for visiting!!!

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