Friday, December 16, 2011

Uniquely Shaped, Body Type #2

Happy, Fantastic Friday!

Are you ready to learn about a second body type?  Today, I want to focus on women who are "full figured".  If you fall into this category, you tend to be blessed in the chest area and carry your weight in your upper body (midriff, chest).  When you gain weight, it is usually in the upper half of your body. This body type is an "o" and stands for overly endowed.

The blessing for a woman who seems to fit into this body type is that she typically has nice legs. So, it is a great idea to hi-lite your nice legs with dresses or skirts that come to the knee.  A knee length skirt or dress is a flattering length for everyone.

What types of clothing flatters you the most?
  • Having a great, well fitted bra!  Nothing can replace having a professional bra fitting. Please believe me when I say that your clothes will fit you so much better if you are wearing the correct bra.
  • Printed tops can help in making a fuller chest appear smaller.  Be careful to watch the pattern though so that no obvious circles, prints,... center around the bust/nipple area. 
  • Jackets typically look great on you.  Be sure the jacket is not too tight around the bust though. A straight or swing jacket is flattering.
  • It is best to not tuck your shirt in, however, if you do, compliment it by wearing a skinny belt not a wide one.
  • Be careful with the neckline of your tops.  A general rule of thumb is "no cleavage is good cleavage".  If you have a favorite top but it shows some cleavage, try wearing a cami underneath that fits higher.  You may also want to take the top to a tailor to see what other ideas they can come up with to slightly alter the top for you.  Be modest.  (There is nothing more unappealing than seeing someone elses cleavage.  Really!)
Hopefully this helps give you some ideas if you fall into this body type.  Next week, I will describe a 3rd body type (if you tend to gain weight more in your backside-derriere come back next week).

For now, have a Fantastic Friday!  Feel free to share this website with your friends and family. And remember-- You are only one outfit away from being remembered as "impeccable".

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