Friday, December 9, 2011

You are Unique!

I am so glad you stopped by!  You are truly unique and beautiful!  You are deeply loved by the God who created you.  It is my hope that each week you will find something on this website that will encourage or challenge you in the area of fashion, faith, and beauty.

Today begins the 4 week focus on body type.  Many women struggle to figure out how to dress their body in the most flattering styles possible.  You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit to look your best.  You just need to know what styles of clothing, shades of colors, and brands of clothing can enhance your best features.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that as women, we are created uniquely different from one another.  We differ in height, weight, shape, ... It is important to understand and accept our different body builds and then apply certain basic fashion rules in order to feel more confident in how we select clothing.  The right clothing can compliment our body type instead of making us feel self-conscience about it.  We all have areas of our body that we feel self-conscience about.  That is just a fact of life!  Don't sweat it!

Since I have never liked being described as a "fruit" shape in regard to my body type, I will address body type focused primarily on where a woman carries her weight.  Here is where you have to look honestly at your body build.  Picture yourself standing in front of your bathroom mirror with a swimsuit or your skivvies on.  Also, look at yourself from the side.  Now, answer these basic questions (honestly):

Are your shoulders and hips even in proportion?  Or are your shoulders wider or hips wider?
If your shoulders & hips are proportionate, do you have an indentation where your waist is? (like an X shape)  You may also be shaped straight up and down with no indentation.  That's ok too.
Do you carry more of your weight in your hips? (If so, your shoulders may be a bit smaller but not always)
Do you carry more of your weight in your tummy?
Do you carry more of your weight in your chest and upper midriff? (more of a fuller figure, nice legs)
When you do gain weight, do you gain it evenly or in one of the above areas mentioned (hips, tummy, or chest)? 

Today, I want to address the women who seem to carry more weight in their tummy area.  Shari Braendel (Fashion Meets Faith, speaker & author) calls this body type an "b".  Women who are "b" body types have a fuller waist.  They gain weight primarily in the belly and their shoulders and hips are fairly balanced.  Typically, their derriere is pretty flat.

If your body shape fits into this category, here are a few suggestions for you:
  • Never tuck your shirt in (this places more emphasis on your waist)
  • Stay away from pleated pants & skirts
  • To draw attention up toward your face, be sure to accessorize with a necklace, scarf, maybe some nice earrings
  • If you are going to wear a belt, select one that is a bit wider and place it a bit off to the side (this will help take attention away from the fuller part of your tummy)
  • Jackets, shirts, & sweaters should always fall below your tummy (this will help to take the focus off of your tummy)
I hope this gives you a few ideas for how to wear your existing clothes or what things to look for the next time you go shopping.  If you would like more ideas for this body type, feel free to comment on this post and I can add a few more suggestions.

Next Friday, I will address another body type.  Have a Fantastic Friday!  Remember, you are only one outfit away from being remembered as "impeccable".

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman." by Coco Chanel

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