Friday, January 27, 2012

What is the big deal about color?

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic in our home. Sorry for a few quiet Fridays. 
Today, I want to begin talking about "Color".  NO, we cannot all wear the same colors of clothing (up by our face) and look terrific.  NO, not all of us should buy a "little black dress" for social occasions.  The fact is we don't all look good in black!!!

Let's begin by describing what features have an impact on how you look to others.  Your eye color, skin tone, and "natural" hair color must be considered.  Many Image Consultants use a similar system of categorizing women into color groups based on their eye, skin, and hair color.  The system I will be describing to you over the next few weeks was published in Shari Braendel's book "Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad". 

Today, I want to start with the "Light" color category.  Women who fit into this category are natural blondes or have white hair (due to aging).  Their skin tone is fair and eye color is light to medium.  Because their general coloring is light, they look the most radiant in light to medium shades of color.

Best colors:  pink, lavendar, turquoise, sapphire blue, white or ivory, navy, charcoal, light camel
Stay away from:  BLACK, dark colors, really bright colors  (these colors can overpower your natural coloring so that your outfit actually seems to walk into the room before you do)

What is really the big deal about wearing certain colors? 

Here it is--when you wear colors that compliment your dominant color characteristics, people notice how beautiful you are!  Your colors do not compete for the attention with your face, they compliment it.  The days you have gone to work, shopping, met a friend for lunch, gone to church,... and someone has commented on how nice you look, pay attention to what you are wearing.  More than likely, you are wearing a color that compliments your face-eyes, skin, & hair.   What about the day that someone asked you if you were feeling well?  That may have been a day that you were actually feeling pretty good but to the other person, you didn't look very well.  That was probably a day you were wearing a color that was not in your color palette.  (That has happened to me so I am guessing it may have happened to you too.)

Hope that helps a bit.  Next week, I will tackle another color category.

Remember, you were created by God to be beautiful!  Never forget how much He loves you!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fantastic Fridays-Body type #4

Happy New Year!
I am so glad you are starting 2012 off with me.  No matter what body type, budget, or personal style you have, you can learn various ways to dress your body that will enhance your God-given beauty.  I firmly believe that!!!  My hope & prayer is that you will come to believe that too.

It's time to tackle the last body type (well actually, it is a combination of 2 similar body types but I will explain that as we go along).

Remember back a few weeks when I asked you to seriously look at your body shape?  Well, this last body type would be described as a woman who:
  • gains weight evenly
  • has balanced proportions (shoulders & hips are balanced)
  • has a narrow waist (waist clearly curves in when you look in the mirror)
  • is at the ideal weight
This body type could be described as an "X" body type (a hour glass figure).  Some suggestions for this body type include:
  • skinny jeans or straight leg jeans look very nice on you
  • belts will help accentuate your smaller waist
  • be careful not to get clothes too tight (sometimes tempting when you are this body type-then you might appear too sexy giving off the wrong impression)
  • remember to pair a looser/fuller top if you pants are skinny and a more fitted top/jacket when wearing wider legged trousers
A variation of this body type is a woman who is within her ideal weight category but is more straight on the sides (ie-no curve in at the waist).  If you fall into this category, be sure to wear belts when you have the option (this will help accentuate your waist).  Also, a slightly fuller skirt will help to create a fuller bottom half.  Tops with square necks, boat necks, or u-necks will also help pull the eye to your shoulder area.  The idea is to create an "X" body type appearance.

Hope that helps and offers some great starting places for you when evaluating the clothes in your closet and when shopping the New Year sales.  As always, post thoughts & questions. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Next week, I will begin a series on how to decide the best colors to wear based on your feautures (hair, skin tone, and eye color).  Have a Fantastic Friday!