Friday, May 31, 2013

More on Color!

Wow. The last time I posted was ages ago. Sorry for the long break. I now have more time to focus on writing and speaking so I am very excited to be back sharing information on style, faith, and fashion.

I covered the "Light" color category during my last post. Feel free to go back over it to refresh the content I shared there.

This week, I want to focus on women who fall into the color category of "Warm".  These are women who have red hair, strawberry blonde, or brown hair with warm red highlights. These women can have fair or even medium skin tones and they may also have freckles.  They may have blue, hazel, green, or even brown eyes.

If you fall into this color category, colors that look best on you are often found in nature in the fall.  Rust, copper, almost any shade of brown, butterscotch, ivory, corals, and turquoise.  A beautiful chocolate brown looks much better on you than black.  One color that does not compliment you very well is pink. Although you may love pink, keep it away from your face and upper body area. It completes with your gorgeous red hair.

What is really the big deal about wearing certain colors?

Here it is--when you wear colors that compliment your dominant color characteristics, people notice how beautiful you are! Your colors do not compete for the attention with your face, they compliment it. The days you have gone to work, shopping, met a friend for lunch, gone to church,... and someone has commented on how nice you look, pay attention to what you are wearing. More than likely, you are wearing a color that compliments your face-eyes, skin, & hair. What about the day that someone asked you if you were feeling well? That may have been a day that you were actually feeling pretty good but to the other person, you didn't look very well. That was probably a day you were wearing a color that was not in your color palette. (That has happened to me so I am guessing it may have happened to you too.)

Hope that helps a bit. Next week, I will tackle another color category.

Remember, you were created by God to be beautiful! Never forget how much He loves you!

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