Monday, August 26, 2013

Color Category: DEEP

Ever wonder why that friend of yours (or you if you fall into this category) with dark brown hair, medium to dark skin tone, and gorgeous brown eyes looks fantastic in purples, reds, royal blues and even black?  Well, more than likely they fall into the "Deep" Color Category. 

Halley Berry is a perfect example.  In this color category, your best neutral colors are dark brown and black. Great accent colors for you include: True red, purple, and deep or royal blues.  Stay away from colors that are too light or muted.  They do not compliment your dark hair or medium to deep skin tone.  You are fortunate to be able to wear both white or ivory.  Both gold and silver accessories look nice on you also.

It is important to remember that your natural dark hair color looks best.  If you choose to highlight your hair, do so primarily away from your face. Be sure to select more medium shades so that the highlights do not detract from your naturally beautiful features.

Remember, God knew exactly what He was doing when he created you.  He did not make a mistake by giving you green eyes, dark brown hair, and olive skin tone (or whatever your dominant color characteristics may be).  Wearing colors that compliment your natural beauty simply enhances God's masterpiece-YOU!



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