Friday, September 27, 2013

How Cool are You? Color Category #5

I love it when I have the opportunity to speak to women's groups and do on the spot "Color Analysis" for those who want it done.  Inevitably, I will tell a woman that she falls into the "Cool" color category.  She usually smiles very big, turns to her friends and says "She says I am cool!".  Well, it get a big chuckle from everyone and the color analysis continues with the next woman in line.

Women who fall into the "Cool" category have hair that is described as gray, silver, or ashen brown in color.  Their skin tone may be anywhere from light to deep and their eye color can also vary from brown to blue to green or even hazel.  This particular category is primarily assigned based on the hair color.

Two great examples of this color category are Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis:

If you fall into this category, your best neutrals are navy, gray, and black. You will look fabulous in most blues but especially royal or ocean blue, a beautiful medium shade of purple, and soft pinks.  White looks better on you than an ivory color. Rose gold or silver metallic accessories stand out best.  BUT stay away from oranges, yellows, beige, and brown. They will only draw the color from your face and make you look tired.

Next week, I will cover the last color category which is "Clear".  Until then, remember that God has created you just the way He wanted.  There is no one else like you in the world!  You are special and beautiful!!!