Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cleaning Out Your Closet: Shoes!

I love adding fun & interesting accessories to my wardrobe.  One great accessory that people often forget about is the one we wear on our feet.  Shoe selection says a lot about your personality.  Too often, we are told by the fashion industry that "Everyone" needs a black heel, black flats, black boots,...  But, I would challenge you to think beyond the color black.

This fall season, as I discussed with you on my last post, there are lots of fun colors and styles to choose from such as: red shoes, blue shoes, multi-colored shoes, textured shoes, high heeled shoes, flats, and wedges.  There are fun, expressive shoes for every personality style out there.

While looking for new shoes is a fun activity, it is important to clean out the shoes in our closet that we really don't wear anymore.  A stylist friend of mine, Donna Roland, recently encouraged me and several other "Beauty Boot Camp" Attendees to seriously evaluate those items in our closets.

Here are a few questions I considered when I evaluated my current shoe inventory today.

Question #1- Have I worn them in the last 6 months?  (If not, it could be you don't really like or need them.)
Question #2- Are they still in style?  (Sometimes, I hang onto things just because they still fit.  Wrong reason.)
Question #3- Do they feel comfortable when I walk in them? (If not, DON'T keep them.)
Question#4- Do they just need a good polish or new heel tips put on?  (If so, drop them off at the shoe repair store within the week. When you postpone this task, it often becomes weeks & months before you think about it again.)
Question#5- If I was out shopping and saw the same shoe/boot, would I buy them all over again? (If not, get rid of them.)

When I completed this shoe inventory using the 5 questions listed above, I had 2 pairs of black booties, 1 pair of brown suede boots, and 7 other pair of shoes that I placed in my "donate" pile.  Now, I have more room to place the new shoes I just purchased this weekend.

I definitely need to do this "cleaning out" process at least every 6 months as the seasons change.  Hopefully, you are inspired to do the same. Put on your favorite music and get started!

**Remember, shoes that are still in good shape can be donated to "Dress For Success", your local Goodwill Industry Store, or a local mission that sells gently used clothing.

Happy Cleaning,