Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hate Shopping? Wonder about the benefits of hiring a Personal Style Consultant?

I am constantly meeting people that tell me they hate to shop.  When I ask them why they feel that way, they often say it is because they have a difficult time finding clothing that looks good on them. That is when I suggest they work with a personal style consultant.  Working with someone who has the education and knowledge to help you discover the best clothing styles, colors, and accessories that compliment you is such a worthwhile investment.

A personal style consultant can help you identify your clothing personality which can help shorten your shopping time considerably once you know what clothing stores sell your type of clothing.  For example, if you are more of a "Pure Natural" preferring casual, loose clothing then why waste your time looking for clothes in stores that sell more trendy clothing such as H & M or White House Black Market.  You would want to focus on stores like J. Jill or Eddie Bauer.

Another benefit of working with a personal style consultant is having them help you do a closet evaluation.  The majority of people need that objective person who can look at each article of clothing in your closet and help you decide if it looks too worn, if it is ill-fitting, if it works but simply needs a little bit of tailoring to fit better, or if it simply needs to be donated or thrown away.  Once a closet evaluation is done, then the consultant can help you decide what key pieces may need to be added to your wardrobe to update it and get the most of the clothing pieces you have kept.

A consultant can then assist you in creating a "shopping" list.  You can work with the consultant to decide if you want to shop together or have the consultant purchase some items for you and then bring them to your home for you to try on and decide what you want to keep.  

Too often, women buy clothing that just sits in their closet.  A consultant will help you avoid the trap of simply purchasing something because it "fits" and it is "on sale" but maybe it really doesn't compliment you.  I hate to say it but many stores give commissions to their sales persons so the push to have you purchase an item (even if it doesn't look that great on you) is pretty high.  

Thus, working with a personal style consultant can actually save you money because you purchase pieces of clothing and accessories that compliment your body shape, size, and your dominant color characteristics.

These are just a few of the benefits of hiring a personal style consultant.  Hope it helps to answer a few questions you may have had.