Sunday, April 30, 2017

Leggings do's & don'ts

I have women asked me all the time about if they could get away with wearing leggings. Sometimes the women are concerned about if they are too old to wear them but often the question comes down to how to wear them and looked comfy yet polished when they wear them.

While we know that leggings are very popular now!  The problem with wearing leggings is that so many women are not wearing them correctly.

Legging guidelines:
1. Select a size that fits you and your body shape (not too baggy but definitely not too tight/small)

2. Make sure that fabric is not too thin. To test this, the leggings need to be tried on and you need to bend at the knees, bend at the hips... look in the mirror! Has the fabric stretched enough that it is now somewhat translucent?  If so, don't waste your money on those leggings.

3. It is always a great idea to purchase only 1-2 pairs of a certain legging brand then see how well they wear, wash, and return to their shape.  How long do they continue to look great before they begin to look worn? Do they keep their color (not fade)?  If not, maybe an investment in another brand is your next step.

4. Leggings are NOT pants!!!  They should always be paired with a top that covers your entire bum/toosh/crotch area!  Ideally a top that comes to the top of her thighs is as short as she should go.  It is not attractive to see a snug pair of leggings on a woman and then notice that your shirt simply comes to her waist or top of her hips.  As she walks away, the outline of her underwear is clearly evident.  That is an image that is difficult to blot out of anyone's mind.

5. If something possesses you to purchase patterned leggings, be sure the size print is not overwhelming!  Large prints can often can swallow up the woman so that when she wears them, her legs are the first and often only thing you see on her.  Her clothing should NEVER overshadow her beauty!

6. Length of leggings is something I have been asked about as well.  The more flattering length is when the legging stops at the narrowest part of your leg.  This can be right below your know where your leg often curves in a bit or right above your ankles.  Be careful to not wear leggings that stop at the widest part of your calf. This will give the appearance that your legs are heavier than they really are.

I hope these few guidelines give you a bit more confidence when wearing leggings this season.  Leggings can be a darling addition to your wardrobe when worn in a flattering way!

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