Fashion, Faith, & Beauty

Inwardly, every woman desires to look and feel beautiful. Karrie will share important tips and tricks on dressing different body types, discovering the most complimentary colors to wear, accessorizing your wardrobe, and the truth about "letting it all hangout" as she helps you discover that true beauty starts from the inside out.

Capsule Wardrobe Building

Women will learn the basics of how to build a functional capsule wardrobe based on their dominant color characteristics.  The key to a capsule wardrobe is having solid clothing pieces that can be mixed & matched with each bottom (pants, jeans, shorts, or skirts) so that you never have to look in your closet again and say "I have nothing to wear!"

Beauty 101

This topic is similar to Fashion, Faith, & Beauty but is geared for the single, young woman. Be sure to let Karrie know if your group is interested in a style show or makeover to compliment this topic.

Beauty Boot Camp 101

This experience is designed for an all day (or overnight) retreat experience. More emphasis will be placed on identifying your personal style, building a wardrobe, accessorizing, along with hairstyle and makeup consultations (if desired).

Karrie is also available for personal shopping services and corporate style workshops. Feel free to contact her at for fee structures and availability.